Splunk Data CollectorΒΆ

The foglamp-north-splunk plugin is designed to send data from FogLAMP to the Splunk system for collecting and analysis of data.

The process of creating a North Splunk is similar to any other north setup

  • Selecting the North option in the left-hand menu bar

  • Click on the add icon in the top right corner.

  • In the North Plugin list select the splunk option.

  • Click Next

  • Configure your Splunk plugin

    • URL: The URL of the splunk collector for events
    • Source: The source of data to send, this may be either FogLAMP readings or the FogLAMP statistics
    • Splunk authorisation token: an authorisation token that has been issued by the splunk data collector
      • Apply Filter: This allows a simple jq format filter rule to be applied to the connection. This should not be confused with FogLAMP filters and exists for backward compatibility reasons only.
    • Filter Rule: A jq filter rule to apply. Since the introduction of FogLAMP filters in the north task this has become deprecated and should not be used.
  • Click Next

  • Enable your north task and click on Done