AM2315 Temperature & Humidity Sensor


The foglamp-south-am2315 is a south plugin for a temperature and humidity sensor. The sensor connects via the I2C bus and can provide temperature data in the range -40oC to +125oC with an accuracy of 0.1oC.

The plugin will produce a single asset that has two data points; temperature and humidity.


The AM2315 is only available on the Raspberry Pi as it requires an I2C bus connection

To create a south service with the AM2315 plugin

  • Click on South in the left hand menu bar
  • Select am2315 from the plugin list
  • Name your service and click Next
  • Configure the plugin
    • Asset Name: The name of the asset that will be created. To help when multiple AM2315 sensors are used a %M may be added to the asset name. This will be replaced with the I2C address of the sensor.
    • I2C Address: The I2C address of the sensor, this allows multiple sensors to be added to the same I2C bus.
  • Click Next
  • Enable the service and click on Done

Wiring The Sensor

The following table details the four connections that must be made from the sensor to the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector.

Colour Name GPIO Pin Description
Red VDD Pin 2 (5V) Power (3.3V - 5V)
Yellow SDA Pin 3 (SDA) Serial Data
Black GND Pin 6 (GND) Ground
White SCL Pin 5 (SCL) Serial Clock